Gunia Plant Hire have been catering to civil construction and building needs of South Australia for 10 years. Our range of civil services is all-inclusive, offering end-to-end solutions from consultation to supply to execution.


Our team of qualified and licensed operators and site supervisors are trained to deliver civil projects on time while maintaining professional standards of workmanship and safety. All our staff is in-house, we do not outsource! This enables us to exercise complete control over the quality of your project.


We provide the whole range of civil services for building and construction projects. These include:

Bulk Earthworks

Gunia Plant Hire specialize in large-scale earthmoving and construction projects. We provide comprehensive bulk earthmoving services, ranging from initial bulk work to the final trim. Whatever the scale of your earthwork requirement, we have the tools and machinery to efficiently do it!

GPS Grading

At Gunia Plant Hire, we have trained our operators in skillful maneuvering of our advanced GPS equipped excavators. These state-of-the-art excavators allow for a vertical accuracy of as high as 20-30mm.

Retaining Walls & Fencing

Our team comprises of skilled landscapers experienced in building of retaining walls. We can also construct strip footings for your fence and other walls.

Driveway, Car Park & Pavement Prep

Construction of a driveway, car park or pavement requires a solid foundation and compact base if the surface is to have a long life. Gunia’s expert team use superior quality material to prepare the surface suitable for high traffic areas.

Site Stripping

We have all tools required for site stripping to remove the topsoil, grass and other elements in order to prepare the site for construction.


Gunia Plant Hire can create professional formwork structures for temporary use during construction phase of your project. These structures come in handy for pouring, molding and supporting concrete till ready for use.


We supply and use push as well as helical piers for driving pilings for steel pipes. Piering is a popular method for fixing the settlement of construction foundation.


Gunia Plant Hire offer drilling of directional boring using our sophisticated excavators mounted with drill rigs and extensions for reaching varying boring depths.

Site Cuts

Whether you are constructing a new home or a builder working on a commercial establishment, you cannot begin your project till the site-cut phase is completed. At Gunia Plant Hire, we clear the site, removing rocks, pebbles, grass and other debris. Thereafter, we excavate the site, leveling it and preparing it for laying the foundation.


Gunia Plant Hire have 10+ years of experience in site remediation, having worked for a number of building and construction projects. Our remediation services include detection and fixing of leaks in underground storage tanks, identification and treatment of contaminants, and treatment of contamination in groundwater or soil.

UTS (Total Station)

We provide mm accuracy for less wastage as well as reducing material quantities required to complete projects in a timely manner. UTS provides us with the ability to reduce manpower required on site, therefore, passing those savings onto our clients, increasing revenue all around.


Gunia Plant Hire are the excavators of choice for government and private roadway projects. We have prepared the site and delivered professional earth moving services for all types of road construction, ranging from construction of complex highway designs to simple suburban roadways.

Retention Ponds

We are experts in construction of retention ponds – including excavated, combination and embankment ponds – for collection of stormwater and rainwater.



For professional earthmoving, call Gunia Plant Hire today.


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